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Huh. Unexpected email from Spotify due to some "suspicious activity". My password is randomly generated and long so makes me wonder what happened there.

This year they'd decided to slightly move where you vote to upstairs and updated the map on the card to make it harder to read and point slightly to the wrong place. Not especially busy though. A bit less than a general election at the same time of day.

I know I'm getting older and all, but it wasn't intentional to plan my birthday things so I could still be back home about 10pm and not need to stay up late.

Saw Larry Dean at Soho Theatre tonight. Do very very funny. A great choice to see for my birthday.

I saw @PFoz for lunch and all I got was this amazing Lego set. Also from his family. Thank you!

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Buying tea in most coffee shops continues to provide a very sad cup of tea.

Another Intel CPU flaw. I kinda went for an i5 over an i7 was because it didn't have hyperthreading.

Disabling accounts of people who haven't done their GDPR training at work. Expecting some fun conversations later on.

I've not seen Game of Thrones before work which I usually do as I've got to be in early. So now using the internet is like negotiating a dark room strewn with upturned three pin plugs. Painful, but not life threatening.

My new favourite pasttime on the internet is clicking "I do not accept".

Going to work to a Saturday a lot earlier than I do during the week 😴

Taking busses in London can lead to some strange, strange wonderous, strange experiences.

Built new PC. Played Minecraft on it.

The recidive rule for fail2ban is great, but sometimes I was a further rule for if you've been banned a number of times by recidive.

Well Boring Conference is over for another year. Still enjoyable. Still boring.

Hey, remember when Certbot used to just work, integrated with everything properly? Good times.

Can't say I'm all that much of a fan of the icon change in Office 2019. Just sort of... bland. Oh and they forgot Visio of course.

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