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I'm doing this to the Stellaris soundtrack which is making it feel more epic than it actually is.

Ahh VLOOKUP, we meet again for the last time

Phew. Finally upgraded to 2.8.0. Might have skipped a few versions in the middle.

I liked the new getting started dialog box.

ultimately we choose Iceland, Azerbaijan and then Norway as the top three

Tonight @pfoz, @Evotech_Inc, @sam2064 (begrudgingly) and myself are watching an the Eurovision entries and rating then. I'm concerned how we're going to normalise the scores we each have.

Today is a day of passive aggressive emails.

I am concerned the bus is driving the wrong way.

Waiting for a bus and watching the time increasing not decreasing. Great.

This morning I had a wander down memory lane of places I used to live. It was slightly weird.

I don't know much, but is it a good idea to use an arrow in your party logo?

This Sophos - MS Update issue is giving me fun this morning.

RIP Joel Goldsmith. You went too soon.

I really wish there had been a Stargate Universe OST.

What a delightful day to be in the office wondering why your server doesn't want to be doing what it should be doing.

I had a dream I went to Croydon and everyone I knew was there too. I can't tell if it was a warning or encouragement.

Mantra today: Please people, stop sending me emails.

Hey, remember that time David Cameron called a referendum on remaining in the EU to try and unify his party? Going well, isn't it.

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