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Thought I had it working, but computer says no. At least I didn't break v4. So that's something.

IPv4 has become so familiar to me it's second nature. I can easily know if something is private or not routable. IPv6 is new and unfamiliar. Plus the addresses being longer make it trickier.

I wonder if I'll feel the same about v6 addresses eventually?

I love my little Edgerouter X for my gigabit internet, but IPv6 does not seem to be obvious on it.

One day Vodafone's 4G signal will actually come to Waterloo. Wouldn't be surprised if it was a capacity issue but since it's been over a year...

Caught up with Tomorrow's World Live and it just makes me want them to make a series now more than ever.

Just what I want while packing up to home on a Friday.

Mmm. Unexpected server reboot. That's just what I want. Urgh. I suppose it is time to get a new one actually.

I wonder when the govt's pushing of "smart" meters will be realised to have been a massive waste of time and money.

Drunk people climbing up the scaffolding on the outside of the building at almost 2am. They are going to get themselves killed.

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"eDEX-UI is a fullscreen desktop application resembling a sci-fi computer interface"

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Huh. I just realised the top end processor of Intel's eigth generation Core series processor is the "8086". Now that's just geeky on Intel's part.

Had to visit the office. As doors are all secure we have a "no tailgating" policy. This still conflicts with my "no closing the door in other people's faces" Britishness though. So conflicted.

Witness for the Prosecution at County Hall was most enjoyable. Not knowing the story did make it extra special.

Thanks autocorrect.

"sweary and rude"

I went to Scribbler for a birthday card and hated every one of them.

All sweaty and rude. I don't really get the point? Maybe this is what getting old is.

The Good Place, Season 3 Episode 8 Show more

The Good Place, Season 3 Episode 8 Show more

I'm watching Question Time to keep my blood pressure down.

I still believe we need a referendum on banning open ended referendums.

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