Had a civilised conversation at lunch with my parents regarding Brexit.

What the hell? No new Doctor Who series next year? They're not even do the same number of episodes any more. I don't understand the BBC at all.

I'd be more acceptable of this if the writing was actually better.


Quietly hoping this is the right train.

It occurs to me I've never taken a train from Euston before now.

Standard Doctor Who gripe: "the current showrunner is terrible at writing episodes"

So many lost looking people at bus stops tonight

Huh. Doster are trying to bill me for domains I moved from their system months ago.

This does not make me regret leaving their service.

Why oh why does Android keep putting circles around all my icons?

Urgh. Someone's making me have feelings.

I like how Odeon are trying to compare this to seeing people actually perform live right in front of you.

Windows 7 really has been the best Windows version. Updates to Windows 10 have improved it to a degree but there's still weirdness and so much half done.

Ah yes, why don't we design another app with dark colours and make it flat and borderless. I'm sure no one will ever click on the wrong app because they can't tell when one ends.

Will there really be any point to Tumblr any more?

@sunweaver well I'd be super concerned if IP addresses weren't logged at all. It's more that I don't understand why IP addresses, and not hostnames, are the default such as in the last connection info when I login. Especially with IPv6 addresses being harder to remember.

Apparently I didn't have enough blood in one arm so I've now been stabbed in both.

Everyone talks about Generation X and Generation Y but neither of these has ever fit me. But there is something which I feel has defined me by my age.

I am Generation W*

* Yes, I am defining myself by Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds.

I will not write "guestimate" on next years budget.
I will not write "guestimate" on next years budget.
I will not write "guestimate" on next years budget.
I will not write "guestimate" on next years budget.


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