Wow... she broke there at the end. There might have even been a tear from the Maybot.

Ooof. May really wants to be remembered for something other than Brexit. Sadly that won't be happening

I'm less interested in the change of seats at the local elections as I am to the number of votes. Did Tories just bit turn out, I wonder.

"Change UK" is not the greatest name is it? Good luck trying to find a colour that hasn't been used by someone else though.

Well I guess we'll see how much worse it'll be on Monday. People's vote seems closer than ever though.

Shittest. Prime Minister. Ever.

At least in my life time.

Brexit: Theresa May vows to stand down after deal is passed - BBC News -

I look forward to the inevitable clusterfuck of the indicative votes this evening

Wow Jacob Rees-Mogg really is desparately trying to spin this loss into a win

I wonder when the govt's pushing of "smart" meters will be realised to have been a massive waste of time and money.

Ah yes, the Sunday morning politice show "Shouting Over Each Other". That'll help.

Got to say I'm getting really annoyed with what UK politicians keep trying to tell me what is and isn't 'democracy' or 'democratic'. It's not like they all agree anyway

Never have so many journalists been invested in a live plane and car journey. When so few people actually care.


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