Is this London's equivalent to "God's message to his creation"?

There has been filming at St Paul's and I don't know wtfe has been going on.

My view right now. Not watching the Men's final but am getting to watch the Boy's final. Which does have a Brit in it.

Well I've actually made it. Number 1 won't have all the big matches but it'll be fun

There was Scythe and there was Flash Point Fire Rescue with @roaminglt. And it was good. Though he wiped the floor with me at Scythe cos I've not played it before.

My morning of getting rid of old junk brings me to this terribly exciting place. I swear my junk is multiplying.

Book haul. Yes I was tempted by Waterstones Murder, She Wrote display.

(Books have gotten expensive these days)

Okay, so I got the rest of the Lego Infinity War sets. Thanos will be fine with the fully populated gauntlet. Fine.

I see the bus stop digital signage is working well and very security conscious

I feel like The Times might be missing the point with this headline. Apparently it's about the money and not the encouraging to recycle.

And some more. Will have to see if I can make it modular building sized.

Took time out to visit a local temple.

Some music coming from the stadium tonight. Nice to see it lit up! Not my best pic...

There is a stadium here. And the fog horn tells me some ships are here. Somewhere.

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