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So Murder, She Wrote arrived on Blu-ray and I got to see it in HD glory. Now you can experience my experience of it in HD. It really is quite different. Please enjoy.

The Good Place, Season 3 Episode 8 Show more

The Good Place, Season 3 Episode 8 Show more

I'm watching Question Time to keep my blood pressure down.

I still believe we need a referendum on banning open ended referendums.

Yes, because what we need right now is a Tory leadership election

Oh no. He's back and the director is really messing with him now. It's low level funny.

Enjoying the People's Vote man on BBC News channel. Getting both the camera angles covered for a good few minutes before moving off without further ado.

Ahh, poor Linux application documentation.

so we meet again.

Everything has gone Detective Pikachu movie and I'm down with that.

Oooo. The bus lottery! Three buses on the same route arrive at the same time. Which one will terminate early?

The prize?
There is no prize. Just more soul crushing ennui.

I updated Windows 10 so now I need to unbreak it again.

"It shouldn't be hard to own your own life online" says Firefox after I update it. Just below "Get your Firefox account" and links to large Terms of Service and Privacy Notes.

Sometimes when work is stupidly busy and I need a break I like to take five minutes to remind myself that Cat Thor was totally a thing that happened in Squirrel Girl.

Huh. Thursday again. And me with all this work undone again.

All day meeting that didn't suck, yet still didn't feel like I shouldn't've been there. Like in other meetings where adults somehow treat me like I'm one of them.

My personal favourite Halloween movie is on iPlayer right now. You need to watch Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit right now.

I've come to understand my own personal hell will be people loudly attemptying to put scaffolding up against my home at 7:30am on a Saturday.

I don't think I'll ever understand when to actually use affect over effect.

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